Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 30, 2015 Wrap Up

Well the last couple of weeks we have had sporadic internet at best. I tried a couple of times to update the blogspot, but it just error'ed on me.

We spent a couple more days at Atlantis enjoying the slides, the pools, and the aquariums. We also spent a day over at Nassau. The straw market was somewhat ok, but really it was just $200.00 out of pocket for some useless souvenirs. There is quite a bit of history in Nassau, and quite a few unique shops.

June 15th, 2015

Our run back to Bimini was a little uncomfortable as we had 2 to 4 foots seas on the beam. This made for a rolling ride. Sometimes I think I prefer them on the bow even though I have to go slower. Bimini Blue Water (Fuel Dock) was full of boats, so we decided to get fuel on our departure.

Rather than renting another golf cart at Bimini, we decided to use our bikes. That was definitely a different perspective; and fun.

Bimini really has a trash problem. There was trash and flies everywhere. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the locals live in their own trash. I did ask a couple of them why there was so much trash; their response was that the trash barge only comes to the island every couple of weeks.

My gripe is that we have paid a $300.00 cruising permit, and nearly $2,000.00 in the new VAT. Where is the money going? I sure hope it is not creating another corrupt government.

They had better figure it out, or they are going to start chasing away their sole source of income.

I bet it was due to the trash and flies, but I ended up with E.coli. I cannot ever remember being that sick. For the first day and a half I could not even keep water down. After three days, I felt a little better, but I really was not back to "normal" until almost 10 days. That sucked.

For years, this road (The Queen's Highway) was just packed sand. Now it is paved one end to the other.

June 19, 2015

Since we were only running back to Miami Beach, we decided to leave later than we typically do. Around 9AM. Again, we tried to get fuel at Bimini Blue Water, but the dock was full again. I just made the decision to go straight to Miami Beach. The water was fairly calm, and we arrived with just over 1/4 of a tank.

What I learned is we can go straight to or from Atlantis without a fuel stop. I think we will take advantage of that if Bimini does not figure out the trash issue.

June 20, 2015

We had a really easy run down to Key Largo's Marina Del Mar. We really like this area due to the diving, snorkeling, and pools around the resort. Also, the closed Coconuts has reopened as Skippers. Good food, but really expensive, and live music. A really good addition.

We took the dink out to Mosquito Bank to do some snorkeling, but the water was really stirred up with silt.

We then took the dink out exploring. We found a canal (turned creek) that almost went across the island. There was quite a current, but we did find a dolphin sanctuary.

The African Queen is in full operation now.

The new Skippers (old Coconuts) at Key Largo's Marina Del Mar

June 24, 2015

We decided to go on down to our stomping ground Key West.

We discovered this unmanned boat. Reported it to the USCG. They had us send them pictures and they sent someone out to check it out. Once it is checked out, they paint "OK" on the side. This one did not have "OK" painted on it yet.

We always have a good time, and we try to something different each time. The difference this time was we went fishing on the Tortuga IV.

I caught two nearly three foot sharks that we threw back. Chris caught 4 and I caught 3 yellow tails. Good eatin'!

We took the dink to Smather's Beach and found our small little spot of tranquility.

First night sunset from Mallory Square over Sunset Key (Tank Island).

One of the two sharks I caught. I was really hoping on a Grouper.

Lots of Yellow Tail

Sunset from the bow of our boat.

A manatee drinking from a storm sewer.

On June 29th, we decided to wrap up the trip and head home. Overall, it was a great trip. I will say, we will move out quicker and spend more time on the return. That will leave more budget for the side trips like Exuma and Eluethra.