Monday, July 11, 2016

Update on Travels Back to Florida

Just a quick update.

We left Valdez on the 2nd of July and stopped for the night at Tok RV Village. From there we stopped in Destruction Bay and visited with our friend Loren. He is the owner. They were having a fish derby which Loren was MC'ing. He invited us down for hamburgers and beers. We got to meet quite a few locals.

From Destruction Bay, we stopped for the night at Yukon Hotel & RV. It was a nice campground on Teslin Lake. We visited the George Johnston Museum and got another stamp on our Gold Passports.

From Yukon Hotel to Liard Hot Springs for one night. Man was it hot. About 82 degrees outside. A little too hot to spend much time in the hot springs. Last time we were there it was in the low 50's outside.

From Liard we stopped at Watson Lake to get into the Gold Raffle. We spent one night back at Triple G again and then one night at Dawson Creek.

We continued our march across Canada with one night in Edmonton, Diamond Grove RV Park, then on  Saskatoon where we stayed two nights to chill a little. Campland RV Resort was a nice place to stop.

We then left this morning for Indian Head RV Park for one night.

The plan is to stop near Winnipeg, then down to North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin.

I was pretty giddy that we made it 10,000 miles without a chip on the windshield. We made the Alaskan Highway up and back. Unfortunately, while heading to Indian Head, on a divided highway in great shape, a small car passed us and kicked up a stone. Unbelievable, we now have a quarter sized star chip in the center of the windshield.

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 30-July 1, 2016 Valdez wrap-up

I feel we really got to know Valdez.

For the last couple of days we just hiked.

Yesterday, we hiked Mineral Creek which has a pretty nice waterfall. We were told there was a black bear that was following the hikers around, but we did not run into him.

Today we hiked up to Solomon Lake which really is a reservoir for the hydro power plant. The hike up was very steep, but all on maintenance roads.

I do want to correct something I said earlier. I indicated that the Pink Salmon were not running until August. Actually the Coho are running in August. The Pink Salmon should be running right now, but are late. They actually believe they should arrive within the week.

Unfortunately, we are leaving tomorrow for Tok.

After Solomon Lake, we came back to town and hiked the Observation Lookout Trail. It is right downtown. There were spectacular views from the top.

On the way down we found bear scat, but no bear.