Saturday, October 8, 2016

October 7th and October 8th.

October 7th.

Our trip down from Massachusetts to Florida, NY was pretty easy. I am getting happy we are getting further from the narrow roads and low overpasses. The gal at the campground up in Massachusetts made it pretty clear why they get so many complaints from the roads. She said they were originally constructed back in the 1600’s for basically two horse butts. Funny!!

Coincidentally we ended up in the same spot we had several weeks ago. It felt a little like home.

October 8th.

We made the decision to punish ourselves with the highways of New York and New Jersey. We drove down to New Castle, Delaware to the Historic District and National Park. It rained pretty much all day. I believe the rain was actually part of the Mathew Hurricane. This place is really old! Most of the buildings were built in the 1700’s or early 1800’s. We had lunch at a small pub right on Delaware Street.

After lunch we were blessed with a private tour of the Courthouse. Built in 1732 over the top of an old courthouse built in the 1600’s. The original courthouse was burned down as a distraction by an escaped prisoner. 

We learned that the original signing of the Declaration of Independence by the three Delaware Delegates were signed in this building.

We also learned that there were many disputes over the land of the three counties of Delaware with the Swedes, Dutch, Quakers, and the British. As a result of these disputes it was agreed to make the northern section arc based upon twelve miles from the cupola of the courthouse. Very Interesting.

The trials they had at this courthouse originally were with three judges and twelve jurors. This triangle was used based upon the decision. The backside is red. Red Guilty, The white side not guilty.

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